January 9, 2005
Bob the Builder's on vacation -- now it's our turn to work!!!

Eric checks out the range -- the door on the oven
feels like a car door -- it's HEAVY!

You can really see where we need to finish painting the ceiling over the cabinets,
now that the recessed lights are functional.

Doesn't the tile look sweet over the countertop?

On Thursday evening, I went downstairs after work to find the range in its nook.
Bob had left all the lights off except the ones in the vent hood over the fridge.
It was like walking into a darkened church and seeing the altar -- ahhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhh.

Eric demonstrates the microwave.
Hey, we each have our areas of expertise ... what can I say?

I do my Vanna White impersonation next to the fridge.

The front room still needs a bit of work,
so Eric prayed for guidance (hee hee).

Looking in the back door under the tea porch.

The baking center beckons...

Eric applies the flue cover we purchased at the antique mall
in Duncansville, PA over the holidays.
Bob is coming back after his vacation to put a wood panel over the vent hood
and hang a screen door.

Eric said I had to caption this photo "Shut UP!" as in,
"How did Bob secure the hatch he cut in the bathroom wall
for the water meter and turnoff?"
"He used magnets."
Shut UP!!!

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