January 28, 2005
The scales have fallen from our eyes ... Bob the Builder is BACK!

We managed to delude ourselves for a couple of weeks,
telling ourselves that we could finish the carpentry, paint, and install a drop ceiling.

I started moving stuff downstairs, and Eric spent all day last Saturday priming the trim.

When he wasn't shoveling, that is ...

Thus another work week began, and and I had a meeting every evening,
and Eric doesn't get home until about 7:30 -- and who feels like painting then?
By my calculations, we would finish the painting in April.

So, I called the wonderful folks at Bennett Contracting, who sent a painter to give me an estimate.
And while I was talking to him, I realized that it would probably be more cost-effective,
 in the long run, to hire a professional to do the rest of the finish work in the TV room, too.

This morning at 8:15 a.m., Eric was thawing out our neighbors' frozen water pipe,
and I was letting Bob the Builder in the back door!
What a relief -- Bob's on the job!

He's already pulled down the old suspended ceiling in the bathroom ...

and in the alcove outside the bathroom (next to the fridge) ...

and in the front hall under the stoop.

We need a creative solution for the void between the basement and parlor floor,
and the entrance to the utility room.
Eric had a good idea: to frame an "invisible door" faced in beadboard.
It would look like a wall next to the door at the bottom of the stairs ...
maybe put a magnetic latch on it so it was like a secret door?
We'll see what Bob thinks about that concept.

Bob's already gotten the materials for the baseboard trim and the new suspended ceiling!

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