February 10, 2005
Mike the painter is hard at work...

He's been doing a lot of wall repairs. Also "touchup work"--
the diplomatic way of saying 'fixing what we did poorly...'
ie: my handiwork on the trim on the left side of the door below!.

I'm thinking there's some sort of wall hanging in our future
that will go in front of the lovely electrical panel.

The first patch in the corner under the stoop looks pretty rough,
but it's way better than it was! If nothing else, pieces of wall are no longer flaking off
every time we open or close the door.

Here's another sho
t of the "secret door" to the utility room.

... and a longer shot, looking in from the door under the stoop
(with my back to the coal cellar).

Mike worked late last night -- the first coat of paint was still wet when I got home from work!
Doesn't it look FAB???

I've really got to take some photos in the daylight ...
it's kind of dark with just the 2 recessed lights in the ceiling.

Here's a better representation of what the color looks like...

Mike also replaced the missing pane of glass in the Parts Warehouse door
(between the kitchen and pantry) before he painted it.
We are really getting close to being done with the project!

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