June 8, 2005
A back yard is born ...

Chapter I
Debris Removal

In the beginning, there were weeds.
(August 2003 - before we had even closed on the house!)

Lots and lots of weeds ....

And trees ... and a scraggly metal fence between us
and our neighbors' yard.

Our first spring, we enlarged the patio ...
by removing stones from "the path to nowhere."

Still, the big trees weren't working for us.

Looking back toward the tea porch.

We figured that while we were placing a few stones,
we might as well re-do the whole patio.

Many hours later, this was the result.

Eric had every reason to be proud of himself!

We had the trees removed by Paradise Tree Service on Bastille Day,
just in time for our party!

Turn the page to see the tree removal!

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