The best part of the basement is this Greek Revival style mantel -- likely salvaged from the previous State Capitol building, which was designed by Philip Hooker and completed in 1809. The building was demolished in 1883, and James Eaton, builder of this row of houses on Lancaster Street, had the salvage rights to the stonework.

It's in pretty rough shape right now, but we'll work to return it to its former glory!

The next-best thing about the basement is the bathroom. 

Look at the wee little tub!

It's only about 4 feet long!

This rear room will one day be the full-sized kitchen.

Looking toward the street (north).

This is the galley kitchen for the basement (it used to be an apartment).

The basement's front room.

Looking back toward the kitchen and yard.

Beyond this door is the view you've all been waiting for --
Follow me...

Just down these stairs...

Mind your head!

Pretty neat, huh? 
This circular, brick-walled room is below the sidewalk!

Since you've already seen the really scary part, here's the utility room...

The removal of appliances and base cabinets from the parlor floor's galley kitchen should begin next week. Stop back soon!