Galley Kitchen Remodel -- Day 1

The galley kitchen is quite narrow ... the approximate dimensions are 13' x 6'.

There's really no good place to stand to photograph the whole room. This is the view from the dining room doorway, looking at where the fridge and dishwasher were.

This is the view from the hall, just to the right of the previous view.

Looking in the screen door from the tea porch, where the stove and sink once were.

Believe me, we'd love to get rid of the wing wall that bisects the kitchen, 
but it's full of cast iron drain pipes, phone wires and electrical conduit. 

Talk about a design challenge!

The remodel at our new old house has taken on additional significance, 
as we just received an offer on our current residence!

The timeline provided to us by Home Depot is as follows:

        • Cabinet lead time: 4 weeks
          ordered 9/6, scheduled ship date 10/3 - so far, so good!
        • Remove old flooring and install new 
        • Repair walls and paint prior to cabinet installation 
          (non-Home Depot contractor)
        • Schedule installation: up to 3 weeks after delivery
          should be done by 10/24 at the latest
        • Countertop fabrication: up to 10 days after producing a template based on the installed cabinetry 
          November 7 at the latest
        • Install the appliances and cook a turkey!