Painting Preparation - Part Two


All the wallpaper has been stripped! It took one person about 3 eight-hour days.

This is the third-floor hallway with skylight -- paper free!

Looks like we've had a bit of water damage on the east wall in the guest bedroom.

Spackling and caulking is underway in the guest bedroom.

Looking back toward the northern half of the guest room.

The long view ... 
standing in front of the cabinets pictured above, looking south.

Remodeling Update:

    • The paint was purchased today -- application should start this week!

    • We should have a plumber and electrician in sooner rather than later.

    • After a week's delay, we're scheduled to close on the house on Friday (probably a good idea since all this work's been done already!)

I just love the woodwork, don't you?