Galley Kitchen - New Floor

Mike and his crew removed the old parquet flooring and installed the new vinyl this morning. 

I'm really happy with the color and the low gloss -- it almost looks like tile when you first see it!

... and here's the view from the hallway.

Mike the flooring installer says the best thing to clean vinyl floors is Windex and water.

Sounds good to me!

This is the new old sofa we bought on Ebay 
and picked up in Pottsville this weekend. 

We'll have it (and the rest of our antique parlor furniture) 
reupholstered by our neighbor & Lark Street business owner, 
Chris DeMarco of the National Upholstery.

Here's a better view of the stained glass transom over the interior front door.

I'm not sure whether Eric or the painter replaced the light bulb in the vestibule!

This is the entry to the house.
The stoop, wrought iron railings, 
and door hardware are all in good shape.

Our bay window is on the left.
The good news is that the windows in the bay were recently
fitted with quality, wooden replacements.
The bad news is that we lost the original 
curved lights (see bay on right).

A closer view of the entry under the stoop.
The railings, security grates and gate are detailed with
with graceful scrollwork.
The arc of metal that's barely visible in the lower right corner of the photo 
is the cover to the chute for the coal cellar.