Galley Kitchen - New Cabinets

Aren't they cute?

From right to left, there's

  • space for fridge
  • drawers
  • hole for farm sink
  • that dang wall
  • space for dishwasher
  • thin cabinet
  • space for range
  • shallow cabinet

... and here's the view from the porch.

The range will go next to the shallow cabinet, and the dishwasher will go next to the tall thin cabinet.

I've backed up a bit on the tea porch to take a wider shot, showing the upper cabinets.

We've told the painter that we're getting a bit nervous, and he's told us that he hopes to get the kitchen painting finished over the weekend.

Then, we've asked him to work from the top down:
guest bedroom & bath, master bedroom, bath & library, and finally the parlor and dining room.

Bob is coming to create the template for the countertop on Columbus Day, and the installation should take place on the following Monday, October 20.

I'm starting to box things up on Madison Avenue tonight. 
We've had fun here, and will always remember this house fondly.