How Not to Move

Even though work "began" one month ago, and the painter has had 24/7 access to the house since September 18, 
this is the only room that's completely painted.

This is the laundry room. 

You'll note that are no appliances. 

That's because Sears brought a washer and dryer to the house on Friday, October 10 -- but said they would be unable to deliver them to the third floor, because they would have had to lift them over the railing at the top of the stairs.

After I've mopped the floor, but before the movers have arrived on Saturday, October 18.

This, the guest bedroom, is where we'll be living while the rest of the house is being painted.

At least it's spacious and bright!

Unfortunately, it's going to take a while to get the headboard and footboard I ordered, so we'll be sleeping on the mattress and box spring on the floor for a while...

Here's Eric, looking very sad and tired, in the only room that didn't reek of paint that first weekend, his den.

  • Friday, October 3 -- met with Judy at Trinity Methodist Church, who indicated that, contrary to our belief, Eric would not be able to park 24-7 in their lot.
  • Monday, October 6 -- Mike, the flooring subcontractor from Home Depot installs the vinyl floor in the galley kitchen.
  • Tuesday, October 7 -- Paradise tree service gives us an estimate for removing three trees and a stump from the backyard, enabling us to install a gated fence for access to the church parking lot off Lark Street, where there is no parking available.
  • Wednesday, October 8 -- Mark from the Cabinet Shop, another Home Depot subcontractor, arrives and installs the Kraftmaid cabinets.
  • Friday, October 10 
    • Sears arrives with washer & dryer and refuses to deliver to the third floor
    • Boscov's delivers electric smooth-top range, ordered because Home Depot "forgot" to add a range to our order placed in September, and the model I wanted had been discontinued.
    • Dave from Drain Solutions switched our water supply pipes and drains to accept a sink and dishwasher. Tried to install Kohler apron-front sink, but doesn't think it works with the base cabinet Home Depot specified. Cheryl from Home Depot tries to tell us that, yes, it will work if you install some kind of harness device. Dave works for several hours, but agrees to return on Columbus Day to try again.
  • Saturday, October 11 -- Ron from the BullThistle in Sherburne, NY, delivers a lovely Stuyvesant piano, a cabinet grand. We have an adventure getting it into the house.
  • Monday, October 13, Columbus Day -- Dave returns to work on sink, gives up in frustration. Creation of template for countertop fabrication postponed until sink is set in cabinet. 
  • Tuesday, October 14 -- Ordered bed for guest room from Filene's.
  • Wednesday, October 15 -- Cheryl from Home Depot arranges for Bob to come from the Cabinet Shop and try to modify the base cabinet to accept the sink.
  • Thursday, October 16 -- Phil from Home Depot's solid surface department comes to create the template for the Corian countertop, but finds the sink has been set too low to accomodate the countertop. 
  • Friday, October 17 
    • Verizon disconnects phone service at Madison Avenue, but we have no dial tone at Lancaster Street.
    • Time Warner arrives and hooks up digital cable and RoadRunner, requiring both TVs and computers at Lancaster Street.
    • We pack boxes and spend the night like pioneers with no phone, no TV, and no Internet access!
  • Saturday, October 18 -- MOVING DAY! Paint in guest bedroom and hall is barely dry. Oh joy! As Eric said, "I don't mind the buzz, it's the headache that's a bummer..."
  • Sunday, October 19 -- move more boxes
  • Monday, October 20 -- Home Depot is supposed to deliver the remainder of the kitchen appliances, but they fail to show up. It's just as well, because the kitchen isn't painted anyway.
  • Tuesday, October 21 
    • I talk to Larry at Home Depot, having given up on Cheryl. He reschedules furniture delivery for Friday, October 24. 
    • As I talk with Larry, Eric gets a call from Home Depot's delivery service saying that they can't make it on Friday, but will deliver on Monday.
    • I call Larry back and tell him to cancel our appliance order. And while he's at it, can he send someone to pick up the sink, faucet, and other parts we can't use, as well as the sink base that's been "modified" and is no longer of any use to us or anyone else?
  • Wednesday, October 22 -- Andre, the guy who's been doing most of the painting for Tom Curit, who got the referral from his cousin, Bruce, who we originally thought we were hiring, told us he could finish the library (front room 2nd floor) in a day and a half, and the master bedroom and bath in another day and a half, thus giving us access to the second floor over the weekend.
  • Thursday, October 23 -- I make a trip to Earl B. Feiden appliances in Latham, and work with Guy Jordan to buy a refrigerator, dishwasher, range hood, washer and dryer for under $2,000. And they assure me that they will deliver laundry equipment to the 3rd floor!
  • Friday, October 24 -- Neither the library nor the master bedroom (nor the kitchen, nor any other room) is finished. 
  • Saturday, October 25 -- Filene's delivers bed.
  • Sunday, October 26 -- I go back to the house on Madison, which we still own because the closing came and went with ... no closing ... and do laundry. Eric sets up bed. YAY!
  • Monday, October 27 -- Painters are back, now with a directive to finish painting the galley kitchen by Tuesday, as appliances are being delivered Wednesday.
  • Tuesday, October 28 
    • I hate the color of the kitchen. 
    • But I really just want the painting done and the painters and their rubble out of my house. 

    To be continued...