October 28, 2003

I'm actually posting this on November 24. Did you miss me? Were you worried?

I've had a cold, I've been busy with work, and Eric's ankle has been acting up, so our progress has been kind of slow.

This is what the guest bedroom looks like now. We're using it until we get the master bedroom situated.

This is my office, the upstairs sitting room ... which I've taken to calling the "pumpkin room."

The color's not so bad in real life.

This is the master bedroom after priming but before painting. 

Shelves from the office (previous picture) were prepped and painted in this room.

We removed the overmantel and donated it to Historic Albany Foundation's Parts Warehouse.


The master bath, with a coat of primer covering the mottled red paint.

The house of broken dreams (continued)

  • On Wednesday, October 29, I left work for an hour at lunchtime to be here when Earl B. Feiden delivered our appliances. They are awesome! The fridge was too big, though, so they took it back and Guy Jordan helped me pick out a smaller one to replace it. If you ever need an appliance, call Feiden!
  • Later that same day, the painter had a nervous breakdown. (I am not kidding. It's tough to see a 60-something-year-old man cry... especially when he's on the clock!!!)
  • Thursday, October 30 -- the painter presents us with a revised estimate for TWICE THE PRICE HE QUOTED US IN AUGUST!!!!!!!!!!
  • Saturday, November 1. We rushed home from niece Abigail's 6th birthday party to meet Dave, our electrician, to see about getting 220 current to the 3rd floor for our washer & dryer.
  • On Monday, November 3, our replacement cabinet was delivered from Kraft Maid to Home Depot.
  • On Wednesday, Nobember 5, Earl B. Feiden delivered the replacement fridge. They were so speedy and courteous!
  • Friday, November 7 -- the painter had promised to be done and cleaned up with all hardware and light fixtures replaced. He was not. I itemized his materials receipts (not paying for the painters pants, tools, and supplies for other jobs that he tried to bill us for...) and figured an additional 25% over the estimate for labor. He said we were "tough but fair." I guess if we had paid the entire amount we would have been "gullible and suckers."
  • Also on this date, Eric is cleared to begin parking at the Trinity Methodist Church parking lot on Lark Street. No more searching for a place to put the car at 1:00 a.m. 
  • Sunday, November 9, we did laundry at the Laundromat for the first time in about 10 years. I had forgotten how much that sucked.


    To be continued...