November 11, 2003

Eric relaxing in the only clean room in the house, his den on the 3rd floor.

Look! The master bedroom is painted and reasonably clean!

And the master bath is now a much more relaxing color!

Here's the parlor in its Concord Ivory glory.

Note that the painter broke 3 of the 4 carved balls off the top corners of the mantel when he removed the plastic dropcloth.
I noticed the damage late on the evening of November 7 after I rushed them out the door. I was distraught! Then Eric fished through the dusty, dirty, painty drop cloths under the stoop and found each and every one of them
My hero!

Here's the dining room painted, but waiting for the wallpaper to be applied below the chair rail. Our friend and neighbor Mac is going to hang the paper as our housewarming gift. How nice is that?

Here's the final paint color of the galley kitchen, which I like a LOT better than the first coat of Windham Cream that went on.
Bid adieu to the apron front sink, it's gone and will be replaced with an integrated Corian sink. At least I kept a gooseneck faucet.

Things are looking up (continued)

  • Tuesday, November 11 - Phillips Locksmith changed all of the locks in the house for $400. Met with Chris DeMarco of The National Upholstery on Lark Street to select fabric for antique furniture in parlor. Came down with a touch of the plague, or SARS, or something.
  • Wednesday, November 12 - Mark from The Cabinet Shop arrived to install the replacement sink base cabinet and haul away the old one, plus the farmhouse sink and the Kohler faucet. Dave did some work on the electrical system, including running a wire in a conduit up the rear of the house to serve the washer & dryer.
  • Friday, November 14. Eric attends closing on 335 Madison Avenue. It's the end of an era. I was sick as a dog, but spent the evening eating pizza with my parents (on their 39th wedding anniversary) because Dave was switching our electric service to a new, modern panel with appropriate circuit breakers and emergency shutoff. He also combined our service from 3 floors + basement apartment to one meter so now I'll only get one bill from Niagara Mohawk.
  • Sunday, November 16. I hooked up the Fisher/Paykel washer and dryer (all by myself!) in our laundry room. I did laundry. Lots of it. It was good.

  • To be continued...