November 12, 2004

Bob "The Builder" Metzger (lead carpenter on the project) and Matt managed to remove and cart away all the appliances and cabinets, as well as all the sheetrock from the walls and ceiling in the former kitchen.

They even hung a sheet of plastic to try to keep the dust down in the rest of the house.

before >>  

(looking north from rear room)

before >> 


The framing and wiring aren't as bad as I thought they would be ... then again, the basement apartment was a fairly recent addition.

(looking northeast from rear room)

before, from front room >> 

They left the job site so neat and tidy, I was able to give Elizabeth, Jim and Deb a tour on Friday night!

This is the former bedroom, with shelving, framing and door removed, showing where the water meter and shutoff are. The bathroom door is visible.
(rear room, looking west)

before >>  

(rear room,
looking north)

before >>  

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