November 12, 2004

We first met with George Griffin, Estimator/Project Manager of Bennett Contracting on June 18.

After many meetings with cabinet, counter, and flooring purveyors (not to mention moneylenders!) -- work was scheduled to begin on Monday, 11/15.

So when George called on Veteran's Day, 11/11, I thought he'd say that an earlier job had fallen behind schedule, our start date would be delayed, yadda yadda yadda.

Imagine my surprise when he asked if they could start a day early, on Friday the 12th!

(front room, looking southeast)

The basement was used as a separate income apartment by the previous owners.

We're going to have a big kitchen and rumpus room instead!

In the meantime, my lovely parlor and dining room (see photos from December 2003) are full of kitchen appliances, furniture, and baking gear.

(kitchen, southeast wall)

The former kitchen area (seen here) will become the bar/entertainment area.

The former bedroom (in the rear of the house) will become the main kitchen.

(looking north through the kitchen)

This is the former bedroom. The little door in the wall at left is where the water meter and shutoff are. That will be a solid wall soon, with access to the shutoff from the bathroom
(on the other side.) The dark opening will be framed in, and the chest freezer (far right) will live in there, just outside the bathroom door. The door at right (next to chest freezer) will be enlarged to accommodate the refrigerator.
(rear room, looking northwest)

Again, the former bedroom, showing where the fridge will be,
and the doorway to what will be the bar area.
(rear room, looking north)

This is the rear wall of the house, with the back yard visible a few steps up.
The window and door will be staying, but the sheetrock and shelving will be removed from the old hearth, exposing the brick and making way for a 36" Wolf gas range!

(rear room, looking south)

See what it looked like when I got home from work on Friday evening ....