November 15, 2004
More gutting...

The new view in the back door from the garden...
(rear room, looking north)

(rear room, looking south)

I'm standing in the former kitchen space, looking toward the rear of the house.
One day, there will be a run of cabinets on the left, and a range in the old hearth!

I'm already looking for a decorative flue cap!

I'm glad that the bricks are in as good shape as they are, and that the lintel isn't cracked.

Standing in the front room, looking south through old kitchen.

Next big decision: open the door up on the media room side (this side) or leave the opening door-sized.

If we go all the way to the ceiling, we 'd interrupt the crown molding (which you can't see in this picture, but trust me, it's nice.)

We'll see!

For those of you who are keeping track, the closet at left is where the fridge will go.
(rear room, looking north)

A slightly different angle, showing the entrance to the bathroom alcove at left.
(rear room,
looking northwest)

As Bob says, "Step into my office..."
(rear room,
looking northwest)

The view up the flue ... that's my noggin at the top of the frame.

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