November 17, 2004
Floor removal...

Nope, this does not look promising...
Our entire row has bad moisture problems. Lots of wicking and efflorescence.
I made that black line on the wall over the summer when we had 9" of rain.
Until they took the floor up, we didn't know what we had to work with.
(rear room, southeast corner)

Now, we see what's going on. The flooring system was put in pretty recently -- within the last 8-10 years. The vapor barrier was OK for just that -- vapor -- but didn't address the rising damp that was literally climbing the walls.

So, we've had our first major change order:
  • dig a trench around entire perimeter of basement
  • install perforated PVC piping and gravel
  • install a sump pump with battery backup in a pit in this corner
This will add several days and several thousand dollars to the job. Looks like we're getting a sump pump for Christmas!!!

I should have known it was bad news when they said the project manager
the owner of the company were at my house...

The Brain Trust
George Griffin (estimator / project manager); Joe the Journeyman;
Paul Gutman, VP, Bennett Contacting; Bob the Builder (lead carpenter).

Return with me to less stinky days... Well, OK, the basement usually smelled like river dog, but it's nothing compared to the smell of damp earth that's now permeating my entire house...

This was one of our last breakfasts in the basement ... We had already pulled away some of the sheetrock from the fireplace and cleared out most of the stuff on the shelves.
Behind Eric, under the window, is the same corner pictured above.

Eric, whipping up a mean breakfast in the old apartment kitchen.

A week before the basement demolition began, we finally had
the recessed lights installed in the parlor!
Thanks to Larry from The Lighting Place for helping me pick the right kits ...

And to Jerry Burns from Ungerman Electric for installing them,
and the ceiling fan in my home office!

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