November 19, 2004
Water, water everywhere ...

So, Thursday's entry ended with my fervent hope that "... tomorrow's digging will go without any additional surprises."

Clearly, I put the whammy on the contractors.

At 8:30 Friday morning, Eric and I were getting ready for work, two floors above the construction zone. We heard the jackhammers start up, then suddenly stop, and through 2 floors we heard, "OH, NOOOOOO!"

When we went down into the galley kitchen (one floor above the construction zone) we heard the following:
  • water gushing
  • men barking orders
  • pipes being banged on
  • men groaning
It sounded like the Titanic was going down. We tiptoed out the door to our respective jobs and waited to hear from the project manager.

The scene of the crime: The first repair to the water supply is seen at right, just outside the door to the bathroom alcove. The second breach is shown at left (the new length of copper pipe).
What the heck were the folks thinking who rigged up the water supply in this house???
Bob the Builder gave me the following time table on Monday:
11/22 - finish trenching
11/23 - lay in PVC pipe and gravel
11/24 - lay down concrete
11/25 - give Thanks
11/26 - Bob is on the scene to keep the job moving along - the worst of which is now over

The view from the front room into the rear room on Saturday afternoon.
The partition wall between the old kitchen and the front room has been removed to within about a foot of the ceiling, which really opens the space up.

Looking north, from the rear room, through the old kitchen space, towards Lancaster Street.

The trench runs around the front of the hearth in rear wall of building now.

The only thing that's keeping Eric sane these days ...
Gore Mountain opened on Friday, and he hit the slopes on Saturday.
Check out those hot skis ...

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