November 23, 2004
 Trenching complete ... no more jackhammers!

Good news! No broken pipes today!
Here's the trench around the fireplace in the front room.

The front room, jog around fireplace is at left. Center area (with green paint) is
former galley kitchen.

The front room, looking south.
We're thinking of putting the TV where the ladder is.
A straight run of cabinets will go down the wall on the left.

We'll replace the cabinet-depth wall along the left hand side ...
the crew removed the existing one to dig the trench.

Here's the pit, in the back corner of the house, for the sump pump.
The black hose will let the sump pump discharge into the back yard.

And here, in the bottom of the pit, are 6" of crystal clear water.
I'm guessing that's the infamous water table.


This morning, the theory was that Bob and Joe had located the sewer cleanout in the front corner of the house, encased in a two-foot-square block of poured concrete. If that was the case, they were going to
build us a trap door into the floor so we could access it in the future.


Wherever possible, Bob and Tom the plumber are going to run the heating and water supply lines up and through the ceiling rather than under the floor.


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