November 25, 2004
Happy Thanksgiving!

The crew had the day off, but they made good progress earlier in the week.
Here, Eric inspects the trenches on Tuesday. The 4" perforated PVC pipes are in there,
and the trenches have been backfilled with gravel.

I got the word from Bob the Builder: yes, it's ground water.
An extra week of work (and 2 jackhammered water supply lines) were all worth it.

The drain pipe
that serves the area where the water lines were hit ...

 ... and following along to the left (south) towards the back door.
On Wednesday, they covered the trenches with concrete.
Today, it's curing, and Bob is supposed to show up tomorrow (Friday)
to begin organizing materials for the floor installation.

We found some graffiti on one of the walls that was exposed during demolition ...

... and decided to leave some of our own, right next to the sump pump!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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