December 3, 2004
They're installing the subfloor as I upload!

I'm home today because I had a wisdom tooth extracted yesterday.
Thanks to Dr. Winter, I have no swelling or bruising -- not even a stitch!
Just have to take it easy and eat soft foods for a few days!

The plumbing and heating crew was in yesterday and ran the supply lines
for the baseboard heaters, here in the front room.

And here, for the toe-kick heater in the kitchen and the
baseboard on the wall next to the bathroom.

Here's the hot & cold supply lines for the kitchen sink, and the waste line for the
sink, disposal, and dishwasher.

  Here's a wider shot, showing the supply and waste lines
for the hospitality sink in the bar area, too.

You'd think they never slowed down, given the progress they're making,
but here's a shot of Bob the Builder and James on their lunch break.
The pink insulation, subfloor, 3/4' plywood, and Mannington resilient flooring
(Tijuana) should give us an attractive, easy-to-clean surface for all of the
cooking and entertaining that will soon be taking place in the basement!

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