December 5, 2004
What a difference a floor makes ...

Our basement feels so much less like a construction site
now that the subfloor is completely finished!

The recess for the fridge is framed in,
and there's a little copper supply line for the water and ice!
I may have changed my last Brita filter!

Here's the floor, looking towards the front foom.

A different view towards the front room.

  And looking the other way,
toward the back door and hearth where the range will live.

On Sunday evening, Eric helped me measure for the placement of the pendant lamp, based on the dimensions of our kitchen table. (Go Steelers -- 11 and 1, baybee!)
When he started dividing fractions, I said,
"For the love of God, Eric, we're not bolting the table to the floor -
it doesn't have to be exactly centered!"
We're celebrating our wedding anniversary on Monday, and after 7 years of bliss,

I've realized that Eric has inherited the precision of his Irish ancestors
and the poetry of his German ones.
(A little joke. I kid 'cuz I love.)

This is the note we left for Bob, indicating where the light should go.

And a close-up of the illustration, captioned, "Eric & Colleen at a future meal!"

According to Bob, sheetrocking should begin on Wednesday,
giving the electrican 2 days to do his thing.

Theoretically, we should be able to prime and paint (at least the ceiling and east wall)
next week (or weekend - 12/15 ~ 19) prior to the installation of the flooring and cabinets!

And Bob wants appliances delivered Xmas week!

I'd be delighted if I could have my kitchen back for my birthday on 1/11!

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