December 7, 2004
The electrician wrapped up today.

Looks like they'll be hanging sheetrock on Wednesday,
right on schedule!

Elizabeth and I traded hard-hat tours, and checked out the progress
at each others' houses.

That's a lot of dead space over the fridge for water shutoffs.
I wonder if we could fit a small TV up there?

Looking from back to front of house, with cabinet-depth wall framed in,
furring strips on ceiling for application of drywall, and silver cans hanging from the ceiling
where the recessed lights will go.

  The back room, with box in place on joist for pendant lamp, and recessed lights
hanging down over back door and in front of fridge alcove (far right).


I got the tab for the trench digging / sump pump installing / water-line-hitting extravaganza on Monday.
Holy Jakes! It ate up my "10% for contingencies" budget in one fell swoop!


I'll be picking out a door from the Historic Albany Foundation Parts Warehouse this week,
so Bob can frame it in next week. (It will go in front of the bathroom alcove.)
We also have to make a run to Albany Tile to choose the material for our backsplash.
I'm going to keep it really simple with off-white subway tile, I think.


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