December 8, 2004
The fastest sheetrockers east of the Pecos...

Suddenly, we have walls and a ceiling!

Looking south from front room, along the walls where the cabinets & sinks will go.

Based on the boxes for switches, and outlets, and the wires hanging out of the wall,
can you envision the kitchen layout? From far left:

      • bar area with hospitality sink (black wires for under & over-cabinet lights)
      • tall pantry cabinet
      • built-in microwave (yellow wire) with phone on counter beneath (small wire)
      • full-sized sink with under & over cabinet lights  (black wires)
      • dishwasher (yellow wire)
Honestly, folks, I have no idea what the white wires are for,
to the right & left of the black wires.

Looking north, showing refrigerator space.
The little wire hanging down in the middle of the wall (center of picture) is for the thermostat.
People, I never realized how much thought went into where to put the thermostat.
You really don't want it junking up an attractive, focal-point wall.

  The aforementioned focal point wall runs down to the left side of the doorway to the Rumpus Room.
We've added a couple of boxes for wall sconces,
and left plenty of room for a nice wall hanging or something.


I'm planning on painting the ceiling and cabinet wall on Tuesday, 12/14
in anticipation of cabinet delivery on Wednesday, 12/15!


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