December 19, 2003

It's my first party -- for the Preservation League and our friends at Historic Albany Foundation!

Susie and her husband Tim entertained us with jazzy holiday standards! 

Our counsel Bill stands near the bookshelves, while Daniel plays with his son Gavin and wife Pam, and Lisa looks on from the sofa.

(Really, it's Daniel's best side.)

Lorraine, Mark and Elizabeth try out the antique sofa, upholstered by 
The National Upholstering 
(and picked up by Eric at 12 noon for the 3 p.m. party).

If there's gonna be any preserving goin' on, 
Colleen, Scott and Elizabeth are gonna be there!

Bill, Pam and Gavin -- looking jolly.

Tim, Susie, Ford, Lisa and Mark.

Shelly, Matt, Lorraine and Colleen, your cruise director.

Soon, the League staff left and it was just Historic Albany...
here we are doing the Snoopy dance while Tim plays 
the Charlie Brown Christmas Song.
Vince Guaraldi would be pleased...

Elizabeth and Mark took over for Tim and gave us a rousing rendition of 
Heart & Soul -- over and OVER again!!!

A breath of fresh air on the tea porch?

Gettin' jazzy with Jim, Elizabeth and Mark.