December 25, 2004
Merry Christmas!

On Christmas Eve Eve, Bob laid down the plywood on the kitchen floor
and skim-coated the wall outside the bathroom.

The handles and knobs have been installed on just about all of the doors and drawers.

Standing in the bar area, looking towards the back of the house.

The appliances are here and waiting for the flooring guys to do their thing on Monday.
Next week's game plan is as follows:
  • vinyl floor installation on Monday, 12/27
  • Corian countertop installation on Tuesday, 12/28
  • hook-up sinks and faucets later in week
  • Bob is off  Friday for New Year's Eve

  We fit some painting into our Yuletide festivities!

Bob took us to the woodshed for our first attempt at ceiling painting.
He recommended a better quality ceiling paint (we opted for Muralo Ceiling White)
and a roller with a thick nap.

Eric took care of the cutting in while I worked the roller.

Here's the faucet I chose for the main sink, and I got the lavatory faucet (in the same style) for the bar sink.
I really wanted a high-arc tap with a pull-out sprayer -- but I didn't want one of those bulbous modern-looking things. I called Colonial Plumbing and Heating, but they said they "don't usually sell Price Pfister faucets because it's hard to get replacement parts around here..." Hello? Heard of the Internet???
I called Lowe's in Glenmont on Monday and placed a special order through their plumbing department,
and they called on Wednesday to say they had arrived. We picked them up on Christmas Eve!

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