December 29, 2004
Floors and counters and sinks ... oh my!

Eric and I returned from our holiday pilgrimage to Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania
to a kitchen that looks almost ready to cook in!

This is the bar / hospitality sink side ... looks kinda like soapstone, doesn't it?

And this is main prep / cleanup sink side with dishwasher installed.

The faucet and garbage disposal are already hooked up and functional!
Note the lovely routed drainboard on the right side of the sink.
Did you get what I meant when I wrote about a "high arc tap with a pull-out sprayer" last time?
Now do you see what I mean? Pretty cool, huh?

Bob has also framed in the opening to the bathroom alcove,
right next to the refrigerator nook.

  Here's the long view down the east wall of the kitchen ...
note the stepped-down baking center at extreme right.
Right now, a few of the white 6" subway tiles from Albany Tile are laid out on the cardboard --
maybe backsplash installation could take place this week?

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